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If there is just one tool from the list of software I can recommend for almost anyone, it’s Greenshot. To say I almost use this every day is an understatement. It’s really one of the simplest software, but the amount of use I get out of this is amazing. Greenshot is a screenshot tool, it works very simply, press print screen, then you will be given an area you want to screenshot, with the choice if you want to save the file, copy it to the clipboard, upload it to any different image hosting sites.
Honestly, if you have work where you need to take screenshots, get greenshot, it’s amazing.

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Greenshot - Best free or opensource software


Windows search is awful. They have tried fixing it with Windows 10, but it’s not that great, especially if you are looking for a file spread over various hard drives or storage drives. Enter everything, a search program that allows you to index your entire hard drive, network drives, external drives, etc. and allows you to find your file easily and quickly.
This is an amazing piece of software, especially if you are looking for something you might have lost, or misplaced on your computer.
Highly recommended.

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Thumbnails don’t always show correctly in Windows, sometimes a file just doesn’t want to work and show you the thumbnails for the file, good examples of this can be Adobe PDF files and Photoshop PSD files.
Enter Sagethumbs, it generators thumbnails for almost everything. It generators thumbnails for various images and document files. If you are having trouble with Windows and thumbnails, get Sagethumbs, it works like a charm.

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Sagethumbs - Best free or opensource software