Frequently asked questions

Do you do on site printing?

Currently there are no plans to do on site printing.

How much does it cost to print X?


I will have to get quotes for you from various printing company’s depending on what you require.

Can you find out printing costs for my design as well as get it printed for me?

Yes, please note I am going to add a small fee for my time and petrol to drive, fetch and deliver the prints for you.

Can you update our old website?


Certainly! Please get in contact with me I can help you update your old website while keeping the old website up while I am working on the new one.

Can you update our old logo?

Certainly! Please contact me and we discuss what your requirements are for updating your logo.

We lost our original logo; can you redraw it for us?


Yes, I have done this a few times already and have a lot of experience in redrawing logos when there is no original design left.

What is UX?

UX stands for user experience, it’s how you the user feel when using a website, program or App.

What do you require to create a website for us?


I will require the following information: as much information about your company as possible. As many high-resolution images of your products or the company. Depending on what is required for the website I might ask for some text to be written for the website.